miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

La espera

Pelo : .:cheeky:.  Basti Hair!

Barba (Vello facial) : BODY MOD - Matthew Hipsta Beard [Hint: Where does this noise come from?] (MOH9) FREE HUNT

Camiseta : ..::ILLI::.. Faux Tank (The Darkness Event) New!

Pantalón : -NOeditiON- Military Cargo (MOM) New!

Sandalias : ..::ILLI::.. Liam Sandals - deluxe marketplace

Piercing (Septum) : = REBELLION = "DIABLO" SEPTUM RING [Hint: Rebel Stache] (MOH9) FREE HUNT

Tatuaje : TAOX tattoo Flawless Time [Hint: This thing all things devours, birds, beasts, trees, flowers, gnaws iron, bites steel, grinds hard stones to meal, slays king, ruins town, and beats high mountain down] (MOH9) FREE HUNT

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