miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

Raras veces matan los ladridos

Ojos : Le Poppycock *White Walker Eye* [Hint: Dude, it's a pop party!] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Barba (Vello facial) : .Facade. :: Winter Is Coming [Hint: Lay your weary head to rest...] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Chaqueta : [ Excellence ] Jacket_Stesha_BlueL (The Crossroads) New!

Camiseta : [ Excellence ] T-shert_Steha_Moscow (The Crossroads) New!

Pantalón : [ Excellence ] Jeans_Moscow_Blue1 (The Crossroads) New!

Botas : AG. Winter Camo Boot [Hint: I'm hanging out with my friend Giraffe :)] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Tatuaje : .Inhale. Hologram -Tattoo- (Bodyfy) New!

Poses : XXY - Waiting fall 3 [Hint: After a tango, i will marry you] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

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