jueves, 21 de abril de 2016


Pelo : [bade] Mike FATPACK (MOM) New!

Corte (Scarf) : !BaaaH! Store [Hipster Style] Eye Scar [Hint: A vintage chair hides me!] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Chaqueta : ..S..: 424 Denim Jacket [Hint: Drinking and driving is very unsafe, may result in a car accident. Or worse!] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Pantalón : [AB] Relax Jeans Aqua (MOM) New!

Zapatillas : ..::ILLI::.. Mirko Sneakers - deluxe marketplace

Colgante : Kenvie - Diesel Necklace - Silver (MOM) New!

Tatuaje : .Inhale. Burden -Full Tattoo- (Bodyfy) New!

Poses : an lar [poses] The Evan Series (MOM) New!

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