viernes, 29 de abril de 2016

Dando el cante

Gorrita : `prclothing.` FUCK TRUMP Strapback [Hint: Im that other thing you like to sit infront of.] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Camiseta : 7mad;Ravens River Black (MOM) New!

Pantalón : [AR2 Style] Funky Jeans [Hint: Look for a leather pant and you will find me!] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Sandalias : Elysium - George sandal (slink) - brown leather [Hint: Where the money are] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Colgante : **RE** Savage Necklace (MOM) New!

Tatuaje : .Facade. :: Befallen Stars [Hint: It's not a "C"] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Escenario Foto 1 (+ pose & microphone) : *CS* Scream (MOM) New!

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