sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011


Skin- MOH90(NAJL DESINGS): Karman skin freeTatto- MOH 84(SS) Hellbound free

Aliento-MOH 35 (FA CREATIONS) Cold breath free

Sweter- MOH 53
(JP DSG) Aplomb Hoodie Grey free

Pañuelo- MOH 74
(CI.CO) Bundled Purple Street Eater free

Zapatillas-MOH 86
(SPLASH) Snazzy shoes brown and green free

Gorra- MOH 89
(LOUD) Winter Cap free

Colgante- MOH80(MUSTANG TRADING POST) Thunderbird Neclace free

Sweter- MOH84(MICOOLIE)Lookwesh Black and White free

Pantalón-MOH 69 (TORYS STYLEZ): Faded jeans +World pride t shirt (no photo) freeCamiseta- MOH 91(MSN DESINGS)  Brown Shirt free

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