jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011


Outfit- Splash Christmas Set FREE

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  1. babes i tried before to post gif pictures but it wont work ..how did u do dat? o.o

  2. Dear Deni first happy new year!!, and now the gif i use this page: http://picasion.com/ you need 2 photos or more to make the movement. When you open the page only filled the first boxes with the images in your hard disc... later use the size menu and put your own sice max 500 px wide, in the speed box select the speed of course of the images and down create animation. Good luck :)
    PD: When you go to post the gif, use normal size no resize or the animation no operates.

  3. thank you Gadi babes especially for the pd/ps thing that really helped:p
    and Happy New Yearrr - wish u da best!