martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

Coge por la orilla

Gorrita : TABOU. The zipper Cappy - Black (MOM) New!

Camiseta : [ Excellence ] T-Shert_Tavin_Black (Shiny Shabby) New!

Pantalón : [ Excellence ] Short_Tavin_Black (Shiny Shabby) New!

Zapatillas : [ ExcellencE ] Sneakers_Star_White (Shiny Shabby) New!

Tatuaje : **UrbanStreet** Eternal Roses Tattoo (Suicide Dollz) New!


viernes, 29 de abril de 2016

Dando el cante

Gorrita : `prclothing.` FUCK TRUMP Strapback [Hint: Im that other thing you like to sit infront of.] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Camiseta : 7mad;Ravens River Black (MOM) New!

Pantalón : [AR2 Style] Funky Jeans [Hint: Look for a leather pant and you will find me!] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Sandalias : Elysium - George sandal (slink) - brown leather [Hint: Where the money are] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Colgante : **RE** Savage Necklace (MOM) New!

Tatuaje : .Facade. :: Befallen Stars [Hint: It's not a "C"] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Escenario Foto 1 (+ pose & microphone) : *CS* Scream (MOM) New!

martes, 26 de abril de 2016

El perla

Pelo : NO!Project Hair_DASH Gray (MOM) New!

Polito : INVICTUS - Polo  - Red (MOM) New!

Pulsera : Clef de Peau Outlet.Chain Bracelet. [Hint: Nothing better than a cold beer when you are thirsty] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Reloj : [Z O O M] Holmes Watch (MOM) New!


Zapatos : ..::ILLI::.. Brandon Boatshoes - deluxe marketplace

Tatuaje : { Speakeasy } Hype Tattoo (MOM) New!

Poses : .Swirl Poses. -  Chris Pack [Hint: The Wise Owl has it] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

jueves, 21 de abril de 2016


Pelo : [bade] Mike FATPACK (MOM) New!

Corte (Scarf) : !BaaaH! Store [Hipster Style] Eye Scar [Hint: A vintage chair hides me!] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Chaqueta : ..S..: 424 Denim Jacket [Hint: Drinking and driving is very unsafe, may result in a car accident. Or worse!] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Pantalón : [AB] Relax Jeans Aqua (MOM) New!

Zapatillas : ..::ILLI::.. Mirko Sneakers - deluxe marketplace

Colgante : Kenvie - Diesel Necklace - Silver (MOM) New!

Tatuaje : .Inhale. Burden -Full Tattoo- (Bodyfy) New!

Poses : an lar [poses] The Evan Series (MOM) New!

martes, 19 de abril de 2016


Gorrita : .._Lob_.. Rel SnapBack marketplace New!

Chaqueta : ..S..: Denim Romper Jacket - Black (TMD) New!

Mochila : ..S..: Oversized BackPack - Black (TMD) New!

Pantalón : ..S..: Wax Motor Pants - Black (TMD) New!

Zapatillas : [VALE KOER] THE VASIFORMS Group Gift

Tatuaje : .Inhale. About that Life (The 100 Block) New!

sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

La tres-cuatro

Gorrita : NO!Project LION Cap Group Gift

Chaqueta : ..::ILLI::.. Varsity Jacket - deluxe marketplace New!

Anillo : !NFINITY "The King" Ring [Hint: Back to college!] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Pantalón : 7mad;Ravens 2Tone Camo Joggers [Hint: Rock on, brother] (MOH7) FREE HUNT

Zapatillas : ..::ILLI::.. Stanley Sneakers - deluxe marketplace

Tatuaje : .Inhale. Batte Tattoo (The Chapter Four) New!

lunes, 11 de abril de 2016

Pero desde un rincón no deja de mirar

Gorrita : !! SnapBack Locked White Leather (N21) New!

Chaqueta : **UrbanStreet**SlimJacket-Abstract (SuicideDollz) New!

Pantalón : ..S..: Classic Joggers - Warriors (Rare) (Black Wall Street) Gacha New!

Zapatillas : !! Radial Tubes Black (Black Wall Street) New!

Tatuaje : **UrbanStreet**Cat Dark Tattoo (The 100 Block) New!

Poses : ~Reel Poses - Pack 14 New!

viernes, 8 de abril de 2016


Sudadera : ..S..: Fleece Pullover - Grey (TRES CHIC) New!

Bandana : ..S..: Bandana Scarf - White (TRES CHIC) New!

Pantalón : ..S..: Buster Rip Denim - Dark (TRES CHIC) New!

Zapatillas : = REBELLION = "MERC" KICKS (MOM) New!

Pendientes + Colgante : MINIMAL - Perseo set Silver (MOM) New!

Tatuaje : { Speakeasy } All Seeing Tattoo (MOM) New!

Pose 1 (arriba) : XXY - The Perfect Dandy 5 (MOM) New!

Pose 2 (abajo) : XXY - The Perfect Dandy 4 (MOM) New!